Notice to Our Patients


Effective January 1, 2022, the Federal “No Surprises Act” becomes effective for medical providers and insurance carriers to offer relief for patients who may face higher medical bills when provided by out-of-network facilities, physicians or other medical providers.

Please be aware that as a private physician office we are not required to provide good faith estimates to patients who are insured with plans with which we do not participate.

The law does require that your insurance carrier provide you with information about the amount of deductible for which you are responsible, your out-of-pocket maximum amounts for which you are responsible, and the amount of copayment that you may owe (which may be different based on if you see providers who are in or out of your plan network or if you see providers based on a “Tier” system).

Should your insurance company send you a new card
(even if you have not changed policies)
please allow us to copy it for our records.

There are some provisions to the law that have been delayed until July 1, 2022. Please be advised that we will make available to you additional information as it becomes known to us.