Preparing for Your Procedure


Patient Procedure Instructions


These instructions must be followed or your appointment may be cancelled. Your help is appreciated.

  • Stop medications on the attached list. Please call your pharmacist or our office if you have questions.
  • Do Not Stop your heart, blood pressure or lung medications.  Bring asthma inhalers with you.
  • Notify our scheduling staff if you weigh in excess of 300 pounds.
  • If you are diabetic, you must schedule your appointment prior to 10:00 am.  Measure you blood glucose levels that am prior to the procedure and if >(greaterthan) than 250, your procedure will be cancelled. You should also bring your diabetic medications/insulin with you. Please take all of your oral medications but only ½ of your normal morning insulin prior to the procedure.
  • Notify us immediately if you develop signs or symptoms of a cold, flu, other sickness, if you have a temperature or if you are being treated for an infection. Reschedule your appointment if you are taking antibiotics.
  • If you are having IV anesthesia (conscious sedation or MAC) you must fast as directed, at least 8 hours prior to the procedure.  Sips of water may be taken with medications.  You may have clear liquids until two hours before your procedure. No fasting is required if you are having only local anesthetics.
  • If you are having IV sedation prior to your procedure, you must have a driver to take you home.  There are no exceptions.
  • If you have any questions, please call the office at 303/762-0808.

Patient Procedure Instructions

Certain medications must be stopped prior to pain management procedures as they increase the risk of bleeding.  Please consult the prescribing physician before stopping any prescription medication.

  1. Aspirin:  Stop aspirin and aspirin products 7 days prior to the procedure. If aspirin is prescribed by your doctor, his or her approval is required prior to discontinuing the medication. Baby aspirin (81 mg) does not need to be discontinued unless specifically directed by this office.

    Aspirin and Aspirin Products

    • Alka Seltzer
    • Anacin
    • APC tablets
    • Arthritis Pain Formula
    • Ascriptin
    • Aspergum
    • Aspirin with codeine
    • Bayer
    • Bufferin
    • Coricidin D
    • Dimetap Sinus
    • Dolobid
    • Dristan
    • Ecotrin
    • Florinal
    • Florinal with codeine
    • 4 way cold tablets
    • Goody’s Powder
    • Midol
    • Momentum muscular/back formula
    • Pamprin
    • Norgesic Forte

    If you are taking a medication for pain or inflammation that is not on this list, please confirm there is no aspirin contained in it by reviewing the label, asking your pharmacist or calling this office.

  1. Platelet Inhibitors: Ticlid (ticlodipine), Persantine (dipyridamole), plavix (clopidogrel), Pletal (cilostazol), Aggrenox (ASA-dipyridamole), Trental (pertoxifyline)

    Discontinue a full 7 days prior to epidurals, lysis of adhesions, sympathetic blocks and discograms. Please consult the prescribing physician who will determine whether you can discontinue these medications safely or not. Please note: if you had a heart sent placed within the last two years, you may not be able to discontinue these medications. Other procedures, continue medications unless otherwise directed.

  1. Coumadin: Discontinue a full 3 days prior to epidurals, sympathetic blocks, lysis of adhesions or discograms. Labs (PT/INR) must be drawn with results in the surgery center prior to the procedure. There are no exceptions as bleeding can be a serious complication. The prescribing physician’s approval for discontinuing this medication is required. If you know from a previous experience that more than 3 days is required for normalization of your PT/INR, please discuss the timing with your prescribing physician.
  1. Xarelto, Dabgatran (Pradaxa), etc.: Your prescribing provider will need to be contacted to get approval for discontinuation prior to a procedure.
  1. Cox1/Cox2 NSAIDs (ie: Celebrex): Patient may continue these medications without interruption.
  1. Heparin; Lovenox (enoxaparin): Will need to be stopped 24 hours prior to procedures with prescribing doctor’s approval.
  1. Non-Steroidal Medications: Stop 3 days prior to procedures

    Examples include:

    • Advil
    • Aleve
    • Anaprox
    • Ansaid
    • Arthrotec
    • Clinoril
    • Daypro
    • Feldene
    • Indocin
    • Ibuprofen/Motrin
    • Naprosyn
    • Orudis
    • Relafen
    • Toradol
    • Trilisate
    • Salsalate
    • Lodine
    • Butazolidine
    • Tolectin
    • Ponstel
    • Meclomen
    • Vicoprofen
    • Piroxicam
    • Sulindac
    • Cataflam
    • Voltaren
    • Diclofenac
  1. If you have any questions, please call 303/762-0808