Testimonials for Dr. Joseph H. Fillmore

Amazing doctor! Does workman’s comp, but is fair in his evaluation and treatment. He will fight for you, too. After a lot of experience, it is nice to see a workman’s comp doctor with some ethics and pays attention to his oath of, “Do no harm”.



Dr. Joseph H. Fillmore, Interventional Pain Medicine, Electrodiagnostics; and is a world class physical medicine and pain management doctor. I have seen Doctor Fillmore three times at the bequest of my spinal surgeon Dr. George Frey, the last time being yesterday, Friday, August 22, 2008. Dr. Fillmore is beyond excellent and is the consummate professional. When one lives in a constant state of back pain it is more than welcome to find relief in the capable hands of Dr. Fillmore. It would be so welcome if these spinal trigger point injections could last longer as it gives such tremendous relief and I find myself saying, "Oh this is how regular people feel!".

Thank you so much Dr. Fillmore. – Coleen K


I agree completely with Colleen. I have been experiencing back pain for over 5 years and was seen at a different practice for 3 years. My prior experience was not so good but with Dr Fillmore I go into procedures knowing I will have a good experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Fillmore to anyone seeking relief from back pain. My experience with the entire staff has been positive.

Thanks to Dr. Fillmore for his dedication and concern. – Gail M